Election Night Part 1

May 7, 2010

Three constituencies in Sunderland have been declared and surprisingly Labour hold. It is amusing to watch the BBC try to analyse these results to the death. The actual swing compared to the exit polls, which refers to the whole country, varies…can you believe it?

Why do we have to keep on returning to the inane chatter of drunken celebs on a boat with Andrew Neil? What does this add to the overall impression of the general election? Most of them vote Tory so they can protect their extravagant earnings in tax havens.

Massive controversy now over people not being able to exercise their democratic right and vote. The fact that some people have not voted at all is a worry but being a cynical dickhead I feel the outrage goes too far. Surely some of these people could have tried to vote before 8/9/10pm? No reports of queuing at 7 or 8am conveniently…

Blunkett gets interviewed by Paxman and admits to a forthcoming Labour defeat. Refreshing… but both Milibands avoid this tactic and spout rubbish about the constitutional right of the incumbent Prime Minister to form a government. True, but desperate talk.

The coverage turns to City of Durham and a possible Lib Dem gain. Interesting but halfway through we go to Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath to see Brown absolutely massacre the opposition there. What is the focus of the election coverage? The famous people or the results that could actually decide the election?

Sadly the Lib Dem support seems to be disappearing rapidly. A friend and I discuss the fact that people get to the booths and revert to type. He cites Gramscian theory, I cite being scared.

Its now just after 2am, where the hell is the Lib Dem force? I cannot look forward to a Cameron government. Vote for change, vote for a change back to a Thatcherite government but with a friendlier exterior. Like a Kinder egg with anthrax inside.


2 Responses to “Election Night Part 1”

  1. A Tory win, is going to be the worst start to a Friday i’ve ever had.

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